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Here at Academy Pools we install pool liners, and open and close in-ground swimming pools. Services provided in and around Cincinnati, OH. Our team has the technology and expertise to precisely measure your pool and install your new vinyl pool liner. No matter how many complicated twists and turns your pool has, we strive for the perfect fit.
We'll guide you through the wide selection of liner patterns and options offered by Garrett Liners. Then we'll remove your old liner, haul it away, and install your beautiful new vinyl pool liner. Don't forget to schedule your Pool Opening here!


New Vinyl Liners!

As pool liners become older, they begin to fade, become discolored, and trap algae and mildew. Years of direct sunlight and chemicals also take their toll on your pool liner.  It is inevitable that your liner will become worn and cracked And this can cause leaks which lead to serious damage to the underlying substructure of your pool. below is an example of a worn and cracked liner before and after.





Garrett Liners

Academy Pools Inc. has a long standing relationship with Garrett Liners and we use their pool liners exclusively. Garrett vinyl pool liners have built in sanitizing agents that inhibit the growth of algae and mildew. UV Inhibitors help prevent damage caused by ultra violet light. There are many patterns to choose from, and all liners are custom made to fit your pool. Garrett liners come with a 20 Year warranty.

By replacing your old liner with a Garrett liner, along with routine and proper maintenance, you can look forward to many years of summer fun in your beautiful swimming pool.

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